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Stephen Simm

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Welcome to my Blog – Come Join the Kwa Kwa Klan!

Stephen SimmI suppose I should open with something that gets the formula of warm/funny/light just right. Well, nothing like that springs to mind, so I shall merely say: welcome, welcome. Thanks for coming. It’s just after midnight right now. My cats are tearing around the place, raising hell. I really should be in bed, having worked very late last night getting a script done. But I’m just a night owl, and fighting it seems to be a losing battle.

Exciting things are happening in the world of Miss Kwa Kwa. We have a small but very devoted following dubbed the KKK, or Kwa Kwa Klan (not to be confused with the antisocial Yanks in white dresses). We have just sent out the 2nd newsletter for the KKK, and set up an email address. So if you would like the newsletter sent to you, or would simply like to drop us a line, read on for the details.

I should really be in bed. I promise to be perkier next time. Here’s the latest news from the KKK:

(Miss Kwa Kwa introduces the latest Kwa Kwa Klan newsletter, which you can read by clicking the images in this blog’s sidebar.)

We know you’re probably having a tough day. The phone just won’t stop ringing, and everybody wants something from you. You deserve a few moments to yourself, to relax, maybe have a few chuckles…

Look no further – here is volume 2 of the Kwa Kwa Klan newsletter! Further naughty ramblings from the world of ‘Miss Kwa Kwa’.

Our goal is to spread laughter, build a community of book-lovin’ weirdoes, and smite from the face of the earth smarmy magazine shows that tell us how to live.

Sigh. All in day’s work.

So, please, spread this piece of joy to everybody in your mailing list. Really. We need friends.

Also, we welcome your thoughts, dirty or otherwise, so drop us a line at!

Till next month!

*** KWA KWA KLAN ***

The Darker Side of the Braai